im just starting to expand my playing into differant genres and funk is something thats one my list of things id like try and sounds good to play, but i would liek some advice and some song surgestions

Well, just listen to the music, and play that funky music white boy!!

Here you have a few suggestions:

- Practice different rhythm patterns with drum tracks

- Practice a lot of left hand muting

- Practice rhythm patterns with your wah pedal (don't have one? time to get one!)

- Listen to the great funk guitar players: Melvin Wah Wah Watson (IMHO the KING of funk rhythm guitar), Eddie Hazel (Parliament Funkadelic), Freddie Stone (Sly and The Family Stone), Roland Bautista (Earth Wind and Fire), James Brown band guitarists (too many to name) and so on.

-If you want songs check out most James Brown hits (sex machine, Cold Sweat, Papa's got a brand new bag or I feel good), Sly and The Family Stone "I want to Take you Higher", "Thank you falletine me be mice elf", "Stand!", "Everyday People" or " If you want me to stay" George Benson " Breezin" "This Masquerade", Stevie Wonder "Higher Ground" "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours", "Higher Ground". Kool and the Gang "Jungle Boogie" or "Hollywood Swingin", Ohio Players "Fire", Chaka Khan "Tell me Something Good" (The Bible of Wah Wah Pedal) and lots of Earth Wind and Fire tunes.. PM me if you want a whole list of songs!.

-Check if you can get some midi files on the net to use them as a play along track.

Hope that this helps!
yer i got a wah, but got it for my RATM stuff recently and justy getting use to it

thanks alot
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