try it, prolly fake
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I'm certain that's a fake. You can't even get a squier Strat for that (well, almost)
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This looks kinda fishy to me. Learn from my experiences..
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If you can go see it, do so, take a friend who knows about Fenders too - or learn enough to point out fakes for yourself.

Good luck n heres hoping its a good deal for ya!
Do you think a legit serial number would confirm it? Or are those made up too to look like real ones...
serial numbers are easy to make up, but I've seen mim strats at that price before, the guy probably wants to move it. I've seen upgraded mim's with american pups, locking tuners, and hard case for $250. Some people like to sell things quick and not deal with all the goddamn tire-kickers who try to knock 15 bucks off the price
I think ill pass the deal. Ive seen other strats around that price. I dont especially like the purple finish either :P. I'lkl wait for something better.
I will say I picked up a mim wine red strat with david gilmour emg's with case for 280 last month, but thats not the norm, thats why I jumped on it.
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Get us better pics and a serial number to verify that. But to everyone saying "too cheap it's fake", I got a 2002 MIM Standard for $220 with a free hardshell case, and called up Fender customer support to verify everything. It's real, I think this could be too.

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