SO my band has a really big show scheduled in about 9 hours.
Our singer has a ridiculously large fever, puking her brains out and just completely messed up

We decided we're gonna play the show, but instead of doing our own songs we're gonna focus on just having a FUN show. Like fool around onstage, play funny songs do w/e it is to make the crowd have fun

we need a few fun songs to get everyone excited

We're all competent singers, so we can sing, thats not a problem. We just need something to get everyone excited

suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Hahaha you crack me up swansareroadkil.

:can't think of a smiley to put, your too cool:
but are you compitent musicians? lol

some nirvana, blink 182, green day covers go down well always ... unless its some metal town
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oh and you could play the emo song as a joke

and like tenacious D songs as jokes xD