Does an AC15 or Fender Deluxe Reverb have more clean volume? I know they both breakup around 5ish, but I've never compared volume myself. Which one could remain clean enough to play to a crowd of several hundred miked up?
I would assume that since it is mic'ed up, you could play either amp at whatever volume.
You could just adjust the volume on the PA
I dunno, maybe I am wrong
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Yeah...but some sound men are picky and want me turned up to a certain amount. Basically, which amp has enough clean volume to match or perhaps surpass my friend's Fender FM212R? He never plays louder than about 3 on that amp.
If you have a mic it doesn't really matter.

What it eventually comes down to is which one you prefer tonally, they sound completely different. But I sure love the DR with a good les paul cranked all the way up...