Recently I've felt a sudden urge to get into the American Hardcore scene in the 80's with bands like Bad Brains, Black Flag etc So I was wondering if you could give me like 10 of the best songs by the following bands.

Bad Religion. Black Flag, Bad Brains, Minor Threat etc. And feel free to suggest bands.

I'm looking forward to your replies
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Although unnecessary since someone already answered, I say Stay Close to Me by Bad Brains is pretty great.
Bad Religion-Were Only Gonna Die
Black Flag-Rise Above
Bad Brains-Banned In DC
Minor Threat-In My Eyes

The Decendents
The Misfits
Dead Kennedys
Gorilla Biscuits
7 Seconds
The Adolescents
People are probably going to tell you to move this, but...

Bad Religion: Turn on the Light, No Control, I Want to Conquer the World, You, Do What you Want, Pessimistic Lines, Damned to be Free, Part III, Two Babies in the Dark, Pity the Dead.

Black Flag: Rise Above, Spray Paint, Out of This World, You Let me Down, Jealous Again, I'm the One, Now She's Black, Swingin' Man, Bang my Head Against the Wall, Nervous Breakdown.

Bad Brains: Just get Rock for Light. It's got all their best stuff, by far.

Minor Threat didn't release too much stuff. Get their discog. Their songs are all really short anyway.

Have fun with your punk rock.