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I like them, although they aren't really anything groundbreaking or new. They remind me of He is Legend a bit.
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They're from my area, I've seen them live many times. I don't like them though.
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Seen those ****ers few days ago with misery signals.

They blew me away.
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Quote by Hcmanu
Seen those ****ers few days ago with misery signals.

They blew me away.

I could've went to that, but didn't
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not bad, but sounds like 1000 bands i've heard before. they kind of remind me of One Dead Three Wounded, maybe Thrice a little bit
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A little boring, imo.
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Necrophagist how could all you n00bs forget the best german metalcore band ever. i think theyre tech metalcore tho or sumfin
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I love them, didnt really know much about them until i saw them live, AMAZING!
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Quote by SeveredSurvival
Has anyone here heard their new album?

A friend sent me a track the other night at my request, kind of good, i can see myself liking them more and more over time.
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i like it
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Its a solid album, some really really catchy choruses in there
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I donno about their new CD but i like "The Fanciful". Seen em live, pretty sick show. Got wrecked by Architects and Misery Signals, but still pretty sick.
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anyone want to tab out To The Moon And Back Babe?
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I'd be willing to have that tab out as well.
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Quote by adtthosa
They're from my area, I've seen them live many times. I don't like them though.

Took the words right outta my mouth.
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^Baha Leafs fan.
They always come down to Montreal and I've had the chance to play with them loads of times, but we would of had to do one of those "sell fifty tickets or else you get to play at 5:00 infront of your 7 friends.
Their sound strikes me as badass live, but I wouldn't listen to them on record.
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i used to dig this band, i can still get into it occasionally
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Wow there really really really good. There's some parts that sound like something ETID would do not a bad thing. They sound like ETID and He Is Legend had a kid great stuff.
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I passed on the oppourtunity to see them a million times because they're name just SCREAMS scene crap.

I like Neon Jesus, but could have done without the clean singing. It's generic as hell.
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I listened to the Machines We Are most of today
and I will go ahead and say that some of it is REALLY f*cking cool and I enjoy it.
Some of the tracks are pretty weak though
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ive been meaning to check out this band. not bad
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I love Dead and Divine, Ive never seen them live although i really want to, but imo they are kind of unique, like their sound is different from other bands ive heard in the same style.
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