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Fender Samarium Cobalt Noiseless
4 29%
Fender Vintage Noiseless
4 29%
Fender HOT Noiseless
6 43%
Voters: 14.

I really would like to know which of these Noiseless pickups are best for clean tones and low gain/high gain (For a Stratocaster) stuff.

Please only vote if you have any knowledge of these pickups, also it would be helpful if you could tell me why you voted for the pickups you did.

Thanks, any help will be appreciated.
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Personally I like the Hot Noiseless, but from the same cue I'd rather get the red-silver-blue or gold Lace Sensor sets. They're about the same price and IMO sound better.

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None. They don't really sound like strat pickups to me.

I'd get Duncans. Hot stack plus bridge, classic stack plus middle and neck.
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None. They don't really sound like strat pickups to me.

agreed. if you're after really vintage tones, it's probably best to go with "true" single coils and just put up with the noise. if the noise is a major problem, though, dimarzio virtual vintage are about the nicest noiseless strat pickups i've tried, though i haven't tried anywhere near all the noiseless strat pickups available.
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