Well, I was jammin with my band the other day and realized that I'm having the hardest time when it comes to going to the low register. I was doing this lick and suddenly, I was not able to play anything. I'm trying to get in a better shape before I go to a teacher, like having all this kinds of issues solved.

I need to know the scales in all positions all along the fretboard and how to use them, do you have any recommendations?
1 - learn the notes on the fretboard
2 - learn the major scale, read Josh Urbans Crusade articles in the columns section
3 - train your ear, don't just focus on where to put your fingers, learn what sound you're going to get when you put your finger somewhere o_O
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Dude, Take it easy. Of course, you need to learn the scales first: here you've got a free scales chart for download in pdf : http://www.easymusiclessons.com/guitar-scales.html

There you've got, now just relax and start to learn what you don't know and apply it to play what you know. I mean, don't go to places where you feel uncomfortable to play (low register) until you know how to do it.

Hope that this helps!