I just bought Rip It Off used at Amoeba in Berkeley (I got to use my school id card which I got that morning for 10% off!). It is pretty fun to listen to. Though Matt Horse**** Whitehurst might not approve of this comparison, it reminds me of Wavves but with much better song writing--I mean I like Wavves short catchy songs, but Times New Viking does it better, I think. Their lyrics are great too.

I've seen them a couple of times. They aren't actually that great live, but then both times they were supporting quite different bands and so maybe the crowd weren't that into them.

I love them though.
Lo-fi? Check. Noisy? Check. Catchy? Check.

I'm a fan.
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you guys should check out smith westerns

Cool, will do.

In a similar recommendatory spirit check out Blank Dogs.