Hey guys, i'm looking into getting a new guitar for myself (For my 21st Birthday!) and i've pretty much settled on an ESP/LTD Viper. I've already looked at the site and have definitely weeded out the Viper-50, the 100FM, and the 200FM. Now its a toss up between the 401, the 401FM, or the 1000FM. Heres the thing it seems to me that the only difference between these three is the FM just has a flamed maple top, and the 1000 has different color options and has locking tonepros at the nut and the tail. All of them also come standard with EMG81s and 85s. So Basically this whole post boils down to this, do you boys think that the 1000fm's feature are enough to justify being about $300US more? Or is that just rediculous and i should get the 401 unless i just want to spend money.

http://www.espguitars.com/guitars_viper.html <-----the 401's

http://www.espguitars.com/guitars_deluxe-viper.html <--the 1000fm

Also, these are the guitars i'm pretty set on, I would love to get a full on esp, but i'm too young to have decent credit and they are too expensive for the budget i'm on. So any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks again UG.
go with the basic unless you totally have your heart set on one of the options on the deluxe. on one hand, its not gonna sound hardly any different, but on the other hand... it is a 21st birthday, so why not indulge yourself?
Thanks guys, now that i think about it, the flame burst black top, just looks way better than the others, and i've spent a little extra on cosmetics before. I'm going with the 1000fm.