Last Wednesday, the United States Men's Soccer team shocked the world. For a second time. In 2 weeks.

The first groundbreaker was USA's incredible 3-0 win over Egypt. After the Brazilians put down the Italians the Americans were cleared to the next round.

Incredible considering they were outscored the first two games 6-1.

But the real miracle happened when USA played Spain for a spot in the final.

Spain - the number one ranked team in the world. Record holder for most undefeated, consecutive games. Undefeated since 2006. The last time these two countries met, USA fell hard 0-1 against Spain.

This time, America not only earned a victory - but earned a sound, clean victory. Without the help of a PK or red card, America put the Spanish away 2-0.

Now they will play in the final this Sunday against Brazil.


America had some good defense. Those suckers couldn't break past with the ball.

Spain was good, but America had too good defense.
aha Brazil will crush the states...
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Most likely, they will suffer a loss.
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