And not just that one song either, I'm re-recording the entire album. Progress is slow but steady and I've put together a sampler of some of the songs that are almost finished. Would be nice if the KISS fans here, if any, would give some feedback.

whoa man. thats really good. the vox are almost spot on, i had to double check to make sure it was a cover. Also, the instruments 100% correct. Im not an original kiss fan, not nearly old enough, but i inherited the love of kiss from my dad who i joke is the biggest kiss fan to never join the kiss army, nd with my inherited tastes i would say these are some of the best covers ive ever heard on any song by any artist.
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Thanks, glad you guys like it.

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Do you do the signing yourself too, or?

I handle all the backing vocals and the lead parts on the last song of the medley (Comin' home). I'm not a big fan of the "character" and timbre of my own voice for lead so I tend to bring in outside help when needed but the backing harmonies I can pull off pretty well.

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Such pro quality lol, seriously, how do you get it to sound like that? Through the equalizer or is it because of professional equipment?

It's all about control really. I wouldn't call it professional equipment, it's all home-studio stuff, but it can yield good results. This is what I use:

INTERFACE/SOFTWARE: MBox2 Mini with ProTools LE.

DRUMS: all programmed, samples a mix between BFD and EZ Drummer.

BASS: a cheap P-bass copy straight through a Behringer BDI 21. Some added compression, EQ and the occasional hint of MaxxBass to fill out a bit.

GUITARS: all done through a Vox ToneLab (the desktop version). Also treated with a bit of compression (on a bus to "glue" the guitar tracks together), a hint of reverb and some sweet EQ from an API plugin. The acoustic that shows up in the back here and there was recorded using either of the mics below.

VOCALS: recorded using a Studio Project B1 or an ADK A-51, no external preamps. A lot of compression, usually a BF76 and a Fairchild 660 (both plugins), some EQ and some delay.

All reverb from one of the native ProTools plugins via a bus.

MASTER: two limiters, Massey L2007, bracketing an API EQ and, depending on the song, a bit of Oxford Inflator.

It's basically about experience and getting to know your equipment. Taking mic placement and the idiosyncrasies of a tube amp out of the equation helps a lot (the control thing) as does not being afraid of using sounds that sound good in a mix even if they sound like crap by themselves.