I saw an SG in some pawn shop today for £90, but I didn't take a good look over it.

I'm going to see if I can go back tomorrow and have a closer look, until then I have a question relating to pawn shops:

If a pawn-shop receives a guitar, do they check it's actual value before throwing it for sale, or just add say 50% to the price they payed?

I'm unsure whether it was a genuine Gibson, due to my brief encounter with it and my horrible eye-sight.

This particular shop had many guitars, most expensive one I saw was about £350, but then again bad eye-sight + brief look may have missed out more expensive ones. So considering the correlation of the low-priced guitars, is it likely they just add a % to the price?
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wouldnt hurt to go back and check it out, even if its not a genuine gibson it could be worth the £90
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as long as it's not a lump of plywood it's something that can be worked with to make into something playable if it isn't already.

it's worth a shot.

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