I didn't know they came out with a POG2, i will go check it out...
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check the proguitarshop demo



thats MUCH cleaner than the original pog, and you can still detune it to get the classic dirty pog organ sound.



this one too, its just plain better.
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They just did the same thing they did with the new DMM. It's not really that much different. I still want one though.
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Man, that looks so sick.

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I've always wanted the POG, but I thought 500+ was too much for a pedal that I would only use to mimic a bass sound and a pipe organ so I got a Yamaha keyboard for about $200.
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dewd nice. i just checked the PGS vid and its prettttttttty awesome
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The POG2 is disappointing. It's in between cool glitchy/bad tracking and clean/good tracking, which is just lame.


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On the PGS demo, it seemed to track pretty well.

I don't remember the original though, so, I can't compare them.
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on the PGS demo you can hear the upper octave seeming to struggle to ring on. sounds kinda fluttery...

Well we shall see when i get it, i have spent more than enough time with the original (guitar shops kick me out when i ask to try the POG now ) so i know how the original sounds.
how much u pay for it?
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ok got it today, very very cool, wayy better than the old pog, it tracks better and the added options are nice, the preset feature is essential, i now have 8 normal POG'S in one!

very very expensive, i need to decide whether its gonna be used enough to warrent keeping it, but still its verry cool.
Is it noisy? One of the main reasons I got rid of my original POG was that brutal hiss.