Hey, I was wondering what would be a better buy, the new Esp Horizon NT-7 ( I know it hasnt come out yet, but i'm betting that it isn't much different than regular Horizon) or the Schecter Hellraiser C-7 FR. Right know I have a Roland Cube 30x, an Esp Eclipse 1000 Fr and i'm also planning on getting an Engl Inavder, a few pedals soon. I would prefer the Floyd Rose but i'll sacrfice it for a better sound.
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I would give a vote to the ESP OOOONNNNNLLLLLYYYYYY because i do not like the HIGH GLOSS NECK on the schecter.

the specs are pretty different, but not that much different. ESP neck through maple neck w ebony fretboard, alder body. Schecter set mahogany neck w/ rosewood fretboard, mahogany body. other then that it all looks pretty much the same.

so i guess it comes down to, what woods do your prefer?

EDIT: i guess to keep in mind is that the ESP will be a little brighter (in theory). i doubt there are too many ppl on this forum that could even tell the tone difference, even if they protested that they could.
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considering the huge price difference I would hope it beats out the schecter by a long run
well. they are the same sort of guitars just with different woods and the construction. the construction on the ESP is better i believe but i doubt you would notice. as said above, it just comes down to what wood you prefer and if you refer rosewood or ebony fretboards.
For the price of an ESP Standard series you could get a custom shop from a local luthier.
Go try Schecter's Loomis 7. Now the models are Floyds only but if ur lucky u might find a hardtail one! main diff from C7 is Neck (Which is freakin awesome + not gloss) and ash body. I like the neck profile on the Loomis ALOT more than any schecter 7 I've played. Fretboard also pretty gd
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the specs are pretty different, but not that much different.

Anyway. I'd go for the Schecter, but not the Hellriaser, But the Blackjack ATX FR. Check it out.

And make sure you are looking at the blackjack ATX and not just the Blackjack.
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For the price of an ESP Standard series you could get a custom shop from a local luthier.

****ing lol yeah you do that but not everyone has 9 months to wait around for a guitar to be built.... seriously luthiers have a situation of where you want a guitar that isn't possible from any guitar manufacturer imo if you want really custom then go luthier but if you prefer something that is available off a shelf then do that but then again different strokes for different folks

and ts the NT-7 is available! well in aus anyway so it should be out in the US sometime within the next month anyway you should wait until you can try out the NT-7 before making any decisions.