Hi, I am looking at boutique high gain lead amp heads, I current looking at the Soldano slo 100, or Madison Divinity 2 amp heads, which would be better for Lead playing, but can also do breakdowns and blast beats, which would be the best overall amp, or what other amp should I look at
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wtf stupid really stupid question, you should really be asking about amp specs and features and tone. if you want high gain peavey xxx or randall kh sig thats 2.
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wtf stupid really stupid question, you should really be asking about amp specs and features and tone. if you want high gain peavey xxx or randall kh sig thats 2.

if he wants to spend his money that way let him. god, about the millionth wasted post i have seen today.

anyways. I would vote for the Soldano. spot on specs in my opinion. I know nothin about the other one, so i am of very little help on that one.
madison got a very bad name on harmony central a while back (something about being more or less a crappier copy of a marshall tsl? erock will remember better than i do )... haven't tried them, though.

soldano have a great reputation, and the avenger i tried was badass. I haven't tried the slo, though.
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Anyways, I heard madison's aren't that great, like Dave said.
I hear soldanos are amazing, though I've never had a chance to buy either =[
Also look at ENGL, and Framus, both make sweet metal amps
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I feel stupid, I read the title and thought "That would be one HEAVY amp"

Oh dear lord, I just got mine, with the matching cab, this thing breathes freaking fire.

The rythym channel has more crunch and chunk than anything I've ever played in my life, and the lead channel has the ability to have more gain than any other amp ever, I'd compare it to an EngL Powerball, but its a little less spongy, and a little more defined. Its extremely loud, and much more versatile than most other high gain amps, the clean channel is like glass. Not to mention, it glows red man.

I got a good deal on mine, but rack they're 3000+ from guitar center, if you've got that sort of cash to drop on this, its totally worth it.
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