I'm trying to figure out what exactly this chord I've used in songs would be labelled as. It's the basic Dadd11 chord used so frequently with the higher open strings played as well.

So in certain context it's <x5400x> and others <x54000>

If the chord is functioning as a D, then it could be a D6sus4 or a D6/9sus4
There's no 5th or 7th so it's quite possible it does not function as a D. The first chord could possibly be a Gmaj7 and the second a Em9.

Here are the context both chords are used in (labelled by a *):

Em / * / Cmaj7 / Amadd9


Emadd9 / Amadd9 / Cmaj9 / *
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First looks like an inverted Gmaj7 to me. The second would probably be an inverted Gmaj7(add13).
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Gmaj7/D and Em9/D

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