But I can't figure out which one I want more. I'm at a house with both an acoustic and classical and I've been playing both. So here's my thoughts on both:

Classical- I like classical because of the fuller sound it has, but I don't like how much you have to bend a string to get it to bend effectively.

Acoustic- It sounds good, just not as warm of a sound as the classical guitar. Also it bends just as well as an electric guitar, and has a comfortably thin neck (usually)

So I need some help deciding which one to get because my friends dad is picking one up in the Phillipeans in a couple of days (yay for cheap decent guitars ) and I need an answer by then. So help please? O.o
I'd go with acoustic, if its a "cheap decent guitar" , and later when you have the money, get a reallly nice classical.
i agree with anathetic
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well when I said cheap I just meant that the price on guitars in the Phillipeans is really low. So the guitar is actually going to be a little better than decent. That's why I'm having my friends dad buy it for me. But yeah, cutaway is a must XD
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But yeah, cutaway is a must XD

Be aware that that limits your options for classical guitars substantially.
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Be aware that that limits your options for classical guitars substantially.

I thought so. I think I'll just go with acoustic. The only thing the classical has over the acoustic for me is the sound, and not by much.
why not go with a cedar top acoustic? it has some of the warmth of a classical.