I use a Samic Concord guitar through a Peavey VK100.
I use a TS9 too.

I'm new to tube amps, and I have never used a noise suppressor.
I have "noise" from my guitar, and my head; do I need a noise suppressor after my TS9, AND in the effects loop to "suppress" it?

Also, which suppressor(s) should I get?
I play melodic hardcore/metalcore (similar to The Ghost Inside, Parkway Drive, My Children My Bride) and I like a lot of treble and about 3/4 gain.
I don't change my settings a lot during songs, if it matters...

I would really appreciate a reply!
the decimator's pretty good.

depends on how much noise you're getting, and from where. i get a bit of noise from both the front of my amp, and the amp, and i only use one decimator... it kills enough for me (but not all of it). Just depends on what you want, how much spare cash you have, etc. etc.
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If there is a send/return, and an input/output... Can I put it in the effects loop, and the input?
Sorry if I'm annoying you lol... I would just like to know before I buy one.
If you want to get one that does both, I'm pretty sure the decimator G string is a two channel noise supressor. Pricey though, so maybe not in your ball park. Certainly not in mine
you could try this out if you're strapped for cash,

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You could try this with an ns-2:
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Thanks a lot guys!
I'm pretty sure I'm just gonna go with the Boss.
Especially if I might need two!
Wait, why is that picture set up like that.

The Input/output and the send/return cable setup does not look right. From what i see, is the guitar is being sent directly to the FX return and the fx send is being sent to the amp input. It doesnt make sense.

Shouldnt it be

Input - Guitar
Output - to front fo amp

and the send/return to the corresponding plug
I think it is because even if your guitar is unplugged/turned down, it will still stop the noise from the amp. It took me a second to understand too.
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Why is that?

Less noise and less tone suckage.. Boss MIJ models are a lot better in general.

Nothing worse then getting a noise suppressor that actually adds more noise to the mix..
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I think it is because even if your guitar is unplugged/turned down, it will still stop the noise from the amp. It took me a second to understand too.

But it looks like your signal is going straight to the power amp and the pre amp is being sent back to the front of the amp