Hey guys, I'm looking to get a decent pedal board now that I'm building up my collection. I'm trying to stop this whole "buy,buy,buy" mentality, and this will be my last buy for a while... hopefully.

I have a Nova Delay, CoolCat Vibe, Boss NS-2, MXR 6 band EQ, and my amp's foot pedal. I'd like a hard case, but will check out soft case recommendations. I'd like a built in power supply too, but it's not absolutely necessary...

My budget is $100 MAX, and I'm definitely willing to go used. I'd rather only pay $60-$70 used, but hey, this is an investment and I have the money.

Let me know.
Make one? It'll be waaaayy cheaper. Check the pedalboard thread. Somebody made one out of a hard suitcase, you could do that if you want to carry with it. Then just thow a power strip in the back.
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I JUST bought a Gator PT-Pro Pedal Tote from guitarcenter.com for $104.00. It is absolutely perfect as a board--excellent construction, size, and functionality--and the gig bag that it comes with is equally amazing for going to and from gigs/rehearsals. It holds all nine of my pedals.

PS. The buy buy buy mentality you speak of is something I was plagued with until I put together my pedalboard two weeks ago as well. Once you find a signal path that you enjoy, you will lose the urge to get more pedals for a good while I should think.
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