This is my first thread, so be nice...

I'm having trouble with my NS-2 which i've just bought. I'm using a modified Fernandes strat with Fender SCN pickups which does produce a lot of hum. The main pedals i use are a zakk wylde overdrive, a keeley modded MT-2, and a MXR boost, all of which i have linked into the 'send' and 'return' loop of the NS-2.

The problem is, I cant find a good setting on the NS-2 that i like. Don't get me wrong, i can get rid of all the elec hum from the guitar and the pedals, i'm not that stupid, but when i play power chord based rock+metal, the volume from the output keeps going up and down.

I think it's because of when the NS-2 starts muting the hum it lowers the output volume, but i don't know why it would do this. I've tried turning the threshold up and down, removing pedals from the chain, changing pedal positions, adding pedals and nothing seems to works. Even when i use different guitars (an epiphone Zakk wylde les paul and an epiphone gothic flying v) this problem occurs.

Am i missing something really obvious, like a special setting i can't find, or is the NS-2 just a bad noise reduction pedal? (if it is, what's a good one?)

Please help!
have you tried it without the pedal altogether?

sorry, i can't help you that much. but if you can't fix it, try the ISP decimator. i have it and it works great.
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Sounds like you're doing everything right, a lot of people reccommend the ISP though. What amp are you running it through?
With pedals the first place I start troubleshooting is the battery. Ideally you want to turn it up just enough to kill the noise when the strings are not being touched. More than that can kill your tone and sustain. +1 to the ISP suggestion. MXR Smartgate is supposed to be pretty good too but I have never used it.
Stick with the NS-2.

They both work fine, i've got both the NS-2 and the Decimator G string and if you're having problems with the NS-2, it seems like you will with the Decimator.

Try playing with ONLY the Ns2 as a pedal and see if the problem still happens. Then adjust the settings and try fiddling with all 3 knobs...

THEN, get a decimator :-)
what you're hearing when the volume appears to fluctuate is actually the parts of your signal that surpass the ns-2's threshold. the ns-2 is a really weak gate, so your settings (gain/level, whatever's on your pedals) must be crazy low to not consitently open the gate. raise your levels accordingly (that is, until the "pulsing" volume problem goes away).
I'm using an old peavey audition 110, which is just a practice amp really, but it's got a nice clean sound. Ideal for adding pedals really. i've never had any problems with it tho...
Quote by henza_x
Stick with the NS-2.

Try playing with ONLY the Ns2 as a pedal and see if the problem still happens. Then adjust the settings and try fiddling with all 3 knobs...

THEN, get a decimator :-)

+1, ISP is a great noise suppressor. like he said, try isolating the problem to see if it really is a problem
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try that
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Cheers for all the help and suggestions, but i cant get this problem solved. Am gunna try out the ISP Decimator, and see if this works.
harvester made a good point that the loop function is intended for your amp's series loop, not just a collection of pedals you want to throw in there. except for one thing...
on the diagram above, you should NOT "cross" your signal paths in this way.
guitar = Input
amp = output
loop send = return
loop return = send (just think of those last two as opposites attract... "send" is and out-door, "return" is an in-door)