ok so i have an ESP ec-2005 ltd and i want to have a whammy bar on it aswell.
Is there a whammy bar out there that u can just attatch on with no wood work involved?
i was thinkin of a bigsby tail piece but i dont think there that good for dive bombs and stuff
there's another type of tremelo that attaches to a tune-o-matic bridge, but i can't think of what it's called

JEWEDIT: stetsbar
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trem-king TK-3.

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Save up for one of these instead
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yes it's called a stetsbar as someone mentioned
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theres also a les paul trem.

TS, first of all its not a whammy bar, its a vibrato bridge. Although Leo got it wrong when he named the bridge, it is known as a tremolo
A bigsby is not a terrible idea, just think it would look slightly weird on an ESP...

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bigsbys don't have a lot of range.

Really, TS if you want real trem action your going to need to route.
Floyd Rose and Kahler are the best trems for dive bombs, pull ups and tuning stability. Floyd roses though require loads of routing, while a kahler needs like a 2cm deep rectangular route. The downside to kahlers is that they go out of tune when you do bends.

Strat and wilkinson trems are also very good when equiped with locking tuners and a tusq or graphite nut. Although sometimes the range can be limited for dive bombs with the strat trems. The wilkinson trem is great, looks great, has good range and tuning stability.

Jaguar trems also have a fair bit of range, but require routing and don't really suit your type of guitar

There are a few trems which don't require routing, although you will have to fill a few holes and drill some new ones:
TK-3 - http://www.tremking.com/prod2.html
Stetsbar Stop Tail - http://stetsbar.com/stop.tail.html (fits over normal toms without routing or drilling)
Stetsbar T style - http://stetsbar.com/t.style.html (its for teles, but you can still use it)
Stetsbar hard tail - http://stetsbar.com/hard.tail.html
Les Trem - http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Bridges,_tailpieces/Electric_guitar_tremolos/Les_Trem_Stop-Tailpiece_Tremolo.html

Installing a stetsbar - http://stetsbar.com/installation.html

There are of course more, but there the main few
use the kahler, and here is your tuning solution!


this goes behind the nut on your guitar. so you don't have any problems with going out of tune.

i did hear once, that after you do a massive dive bomb, the guitar will go slightly out of tune, but it's solved with doing a very small dive to once again be in tune. this has never happened to me, so that's just what i've heard.