Hey all.

This is an extremely n00bish question, but this is only my 2nd day playing guitar (have played a total of maybe 5 hours now).
I'm trying to learn power chords, especially for the main riff of "American Woman." I can do it when playing one string, but when I try to play two strings for the power chord I always get one of the neighboring strings playing accidentally by my pick.

Is there a way to mute the other strings with my fingers? Or is this simply just a problem with pick accuracy (meaning I should be more careful not to touch the other strings)?

Thanks everyone .
you can mute the strings by just barely touching the neighboring strings with the fingers you are fretting with..
its a combonation.... and just practice.. if the top tring isnt part of the "chord" (since a power chord isnt techinically a chord haha) mute it with the tip of your 1st finger. for the bottom strings, (1, 2, sometimes 3) dont hit it with your pick. just practice its only your 2nd day so dont get too discouraged.
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I have a tendency to mute the other strings with my hand. If it starts on the 6th string, I use my index finger and sort of bar-mute the rest. If it starts on the 5th string, I do the same thing except I move my middle finger over and mute the 6th with it. That was just my instinct and is how I've always done it...
Alright thanks everyone . I will try out the suggestions and see if I can do them.
Its just gonna be something you have to think about doing at first and make sure you do it right, then later it will become second nature.
I usually bar the other strings with my index finger or just slightly lift up my index finger to mute them. I lay it across all of the strings instead of putting on just one
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I find it helpful to use the pick to mute the string below the power chord that I don't want to ring out. I play the chord and use the string (usually the 3rd string in the songs I've been playing lately) as a brake. I didn't learn it anywhere, just kind of figured it out. Later, I learned that kind of flattening the angle on my fretting hand usally worked better.