I noticed one of the 18 watt models has an EF86 tube in it, anyone mind expaining what it does to make it different from the others? I'm thinking some kind of tube gain control, which is probably wrong

Edit: oh, and what would be a good cab to get, I'm on a tight budget. So I'm actually thinking something like a really cheap 212 and then just replacing the speakers as i replenish my funding
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The 18W EF86 is a modified Marshall 1974x 18W circuit. It replaces the normal channel's 12AX7s with a single small signal pentode the EF86.

The EF86 sounds much different than your average dual triode. It is richer, chimer and has more odd order harmonics. It is very sensitive to vibration and micro-phonics can be an issue.

The EF86 channel on the 18W is setup in a similar fashion to a Matchless DC30. It has a tone contour control. Basically a notched tone control and a single volume know.

Its a neat addition to the 18W circuit. Hard to know if you will like it though.
sounds cool, I'll have to start looking up some clips, anyone got any good ones?
kurt pretty much nailed it...generally, my description of it would be "edgier" because of the fact that it actually has odd order harmonics. The trick with noise is to not try and get a gain of 200 out of it, like it possible with a pentode. Whatever they have in the circuit, a smaller anode resistor would probably be best.
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