Iceman definitely.
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Iceman fo' sho'. How long will it take you to get the $800 (according to sig)?
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Neither of those are very good stock, but with upgrades they'll be pretty rockin'.

Id say look for a used RG. You can find a much better guitar that way.
i'd go with the first one, mainly because i'm not really sure if you can switch an edge 3 for an edge pro... i don't know if they're compatible. and if so, the edge pro runs about $265 if you can find one. you could save that money for pickups if you want to switch them out or something
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Iceman definitely.

mmhmm the iceman is definitely more of a looker, and i don't know much about ibanez but i would guess the 2 are in the same price range, implying they play very similarly, so imo it boils down to looks.
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Ibanez IC-350 rapes the stm1

hellz yhea, but they got discontinued.

I have played both of them and I like them the same, but I like the Iceman body better, and money dosent grow on trees .