Hey .

I'd like to hear a few thoughts on a new (still evolving) piece I wrote. I believe it to be metal/death-core (or something). Some parts are a bit iffy as I'm playing alone here.

Thread title is the song, & it's on my profile.
Well, my two favorite riffs were the ones that started at about 0:36 and 2:45. I thought you should have played the riff at 0:36 a bit longer than you did, but you did bring it back later on in the song. I think the song has too many breakdown-ish riffs in it. It could stand to use a bit more flowing rhythm in place of those. With enough work, it could be turned into a pretty good song. You should download a drum program, so you can add my dynamic to your songs. Programs like Reason will also allow you to add in bass, if you have no way of recording some yourself.

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