Its about time for me to get a new guitar. Ive been playing seriously for 3 years and consider myself an intermediate player.

My style of play is mostly metal (old school and new), but i want something that can also play ska/reggae (if thats possible), and have good cleans.

My budget is 800 dollars. Any suggestions?
I'd recommend a guitar with two humbuckers and a coil tap/split so you can get a brighter, more single-coil tone for ska/reggae stuff, and use the full humbucker for metal.

You could look into an HSS strat, but i would recommend you swap out the potentiometer for a 500k because otherwise the humbucker will sound muddy, weak, and undefined.

EDIT: A Jackson DK2 might work well if you like the neck, as it is HSS configuration.
Ibanez RG550 or similar prestige.
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without naming guitars, I would say find something with a humbucker and 2 single coils, that way you can play the heavier stuff, then switch pickups for something lighter.
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I vote save up just a bit more and, as others have suggested, go for an (MIA) HSS strat. Or really anything with an HSS setup, HSH would probably work also.
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