Well I have learned how to play the song through with my own intro but I can't find an easy-to-learn outro.!

I'm relatively new to the guitar so I haven't learned how to read tabs or any of that.! Has anyone any easy way of learning the outro please.?

In other words a very basic easy-to-read tab or a good video tutorial somewhere.?
Or if someone could explain it here over text that would be just as good.!!
UG here has a couple of fantastic tabs. I remember that, my third or so week of playing, I decided to learn the solo to Hotel California (Which I think inclues the outro you are talking of) and it was all very easy stuff. I used a tab, and just listened to the song a lot.
Ya man I find the tabs hard to follow though for some reason.! Never been for lessons or any of that so dont know how to read tabs, unless they are easy to read I can just about make them out.! Easiest way for me to learn is a good explanation of a song on youtube or else getting the chords and messing around myself with a song.!
If you search it into UG there are some video lessons for it, I haven't looked at them though so I dunno if they're any good.
Ya had a look at them alright but none have the outro im looking for.!! Its the one from the hell freezes over version
Get PowerTab/GuitarPro. That way you'll get the tab playing back in real time, easy peasy.
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Or just buy hell freezes over tab book ISBN 0-89724-560-1 its all in there...page 76 onwards