Ok well I bought a Fender Twin Reverb Reissue used about a month ago. I love the amp but for some reason everytime I play a C# I hear a slight hiss coming from the speakers.

It is barely noticable and you can only tell it is there at low volumes but should I be worried? Any way to fix it? Any help at all would be great
Is it all the C# notes on the guitar that do it or just 1?

If you listen closely does it seem to come from both speakers or just 1?
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Maybe a microphonic preamp tube? Perhaps something in your amp has a resonant freq. of C#, rattles whenever you play it, and then causes a hiss.

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I don't know if it would relate to the C# only part, but maybe. Check your speakers and make sure they haven't loosened up. I've had that happen over time.

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This sounds like a valve problem to me. What is probably happening is when you hit a C# part of the valve in resonating in sympathy and causing the rattle to come through the speaker. Turning the amp on with the volume relatively high and tapping on the valves one at a time may help you figure out which valve it is.

There are other possible things inside the amp that are very easy to spot but you kinda need to be a tech to fix them so the best place to start is with the valves.

If it's a rattle rather or buzz rather than a hum then it could easily be loose bits on your cab. I don't know if the reissue twin has a solid pine cab, but solid pine cabs do tend to buzz at their resonate frequencies. Loose speakers could also cause buzz.
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