Brand spankin new, but when cranked up to the full 15 watts and normal bedroom practice volume I can hear a hiss on a clean channel. Lowering the volume eliminates the hiss...my pos tiny crate amp never did this unless I cranked it all the way. Should I upgrade to the vt30 to avoid the hiss??

damnit i put this in electric guitar...
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haha just ask a moderater to move it.
If you just bought it, take it back and ask the repair guys from the place you bought it from.
It may be normal, but I doubt it.
I haven't had much experience with this amp so.....

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Haha. UG's Chuck just said chuck. haha
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I have the AD15VT, the predecessor, and there is a slight hiss in mine too, it's a noisy circuit at high volumes, but then again if your cranking it to max you need a more powerful amp anyways.
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this is normal happens in my vt15 as well. if you visit voxforums, they explain how.
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slight is normal yes, does the amp have a noisegate function? If your unsure I would take it to a shop and get it checked
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