Hello everyone. I'm new here in the sense that i just made an account but I've been coming to the site for years now. I am simply making a post because I'm in a rough spot and it's getting to me.

I can't seem to find this LONG lesson on guitar theory covering all the chords from triads on to the most advanced chords and composure, keys that are relative to other keys and how to figure out what chords are constructed from a certain key and so fourth It was a lesson basically dealing on how chords are taken from a Key ( we'll use C) then shown how the chords are constructed. such as:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
_ _ _ This is for a Cmaj.

I can't find this lesson. It was SUUper long as well and had links to even more lessons around the same topic. Please any help would be AWESOME!!!. Thanks,

Try the Crusades (link ). They will keep you busy for a while and have a bunch of great information.
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