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I'm just beginning and REALLY want to start off on the right foot. Unfortunately I don't have the opportunity to take lessons formally nor the benefit of knowing a talented guitarist willing to sit down with me in the evenings. Therefore I'm looking for a DVD (plus books or whatever) type of instruction to learn. I'm older and can be very disciplined mentally and physically. I've been searching the internet for a solid DVD guitar method instruction recommendation but seem to come up with a lot of scam offers and faked reviews. Can anyone give me some real opinions?

Right now I'm looking at or have bought already:

Guitar Pro Software for Tabs (Ordered and Installed)
MVP Fretboard Physics for Guitar DVD - Volumes 1-6 Complete (May order this weekend)
Fretboard Logic Box Set Vol 1/2 SE Bk 3 DVD Bill Edward (Ordered but isn't here yet)

Learn and Master Guitar and website seems like a scam. They don't say really how long the lessons are or what is on the DVDs. Plus the review sites seem like they set them up.

I'm playing a Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded w/ Fender G-Dec 30. I love them so far but the G-Dec doesn't have the deep tone I would like later from a tube amp.
Im doing the Learn & Master guitar course and its certainly not a scam. If you want to learn music notation then I would highly recommend it.

Its got a pretty active forum full of people just like yourself and there’s lots of support from others doing the course. Im on lesson 3 out of 20 and I estimate it will take 12 months or more to complete the 20 lessons. You can download the course books for free to see what’s covered in the DVD sessions. I recommend checking out the L&M forums for more info

I'd like to share my personal method with you. It's called the Rosetta Stone Of Guitar. I built it over the years, by hand, and it has been a monumental undertaking as I have done it all myself. I guess the easiest way to explain it is that I came to a point in understanding music theory when I was able to look back and see an incredible simplicity that I had overlooked for years. At first I was actually kind of mad, mad that no one had ever been able to put it to me in such simple terms. I later realized that the problem was that music theory is such a simple "picture", but the image is pretty hard to explain. In fact, you can probably ask anyone who has ever tried to explain it and they will probably agree that the moment they try to put it in words it starts sounding so much more technical and complicated than they ever wanted it to sound.

So, I decided that if that simplicity was so hard for me to find, and traditional methods were so hard for me, that I might as well create my own. Who knows, maybe there are others out there who don't want to have to learn to read music to be able to learn this stuff. I built my method in such a way as to overcome the need for note names. I use a relativistic approach to identifying notes and chords. Incredibly, learning this way actually brought me to start breaking ground in understanding jazz and eventually made learning to read music so much easier than it ever was before.

I'm not trying to make it sound like this way of learning is for everyone, although I can't personally see why not but that's probably just because I'm a direct beneficiary of it. I know traditional methods never really lit my candle, but it works for a lot of others, so I know different people take different approaches. I also don't want to make it sound like I think you'll explode into a killer guitarist overnight. God knows it's taken me years even with my own method working for me. Of course, for me, it was probably slower because I was building it myself instead of benefiting from a teacher. However, I do teach this method, and have been for years and I've had a few prodigies rise up from my teachings and really freak me out, but those were really motivated people and they might have done the same thing with a traditional teacher.

Anyway, I won't try to hide my motives. I came up with a unique way of explaining music theory for the guitar and I'd like to promote it. Any of you who want to get mad at me for trying to do so can just rest assured that I haven't gotten rich off it yet and may never. It seems the world is just choke full of everyone and their "unique methods" that they assure you will "turn your light on" in a hurry. It's hard to get any real recognition when there are so many pure hoaxes as well as truly good, pure and real honest competition out there. If it would make you feel any better I can point you to this review from a 3rd party at guitarnoise.com

If it also helps, you might want to read some of the discussion in their forum on the topic here: rsoguitar_discussion .

If you have any questions or comments, I'd be glad to hear them.