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I'm just beginning and REALLY want to start off on the right foot. Unfortunately I don't have the opportunity to take lessons formally nor the benefit of knowing a talented guitarist willing to sit down with me in the evenings. Therefore I'm looking for a DVD (plus books or whatever) type of instruction to learn. I'm older and can be very disciplined mentally and physically. I've been searching the internet for a solid DVD guitar method instruction recommendation but seem to come up with a lot of scam offers and faked reviews. Can anyone give me some real opinions?

Right now I'm looking at or have bought already:

Guitar Pro Software for Tabs (Ordered and Installed)
MVP Fretboard Physics for Guitar DVD - Volumes 1-6 Complete (May order this weekend)
Fretboard Logic Box Set Vol 1/2 SE Bk 3 DVD Bill Edward (Ordered but isn't here yet)

Learn and Master Guitar and website seems like a scam. They don't say really how long the lessons are or what is on the DVDs. Plus the review sites seem like they set them up.

I'm playing a Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded w/ Fender G-Dec 30. I love them so far but the G-Dec doesn't have the deep tone I would like later from a tube amp.
i have many " guitar lessons dvd's and online lesson and after spending a few 100's $ of that stuff ....i can say they are worth about the same as what my dog leave on my lawn...
May be i got the wrong ones...but who know..

My all time NO #1 is guitar pro.... it has helped me so much.... guitar and bass,
the draw back to guitar pro (for me anyway ) is that it made guitar playing a visual thing insted of a "ear thing" make sence..??
ty for the reply. i have been happy with Guitar Pro so far. The tabs and picking up a song quick has been VERY motivational. But.....i really want to pick up music/guitar theory also which i'm not sure guitar pro will provide. basically i want to understand cords/scales/keys enough to be able to jam with anyone/anytime. it's a long term goal for sure but it's the goal.

i have no issue spending money for quality lessons but just need to find what is worth it.

if i had a solid dvd lesson that i could watch/pause/practice/go back/watch again to pick up techniques and theories it would be great.
i used the Metal Method basic course. covers all the basics and stuff (including some music theory too). Of course theres still a ton more to learn afterwards. But if you're just starting out i think the this is the best bet at $60 for the whole package. You'll learn everything you need to know and not be too overwhelmed by it (and its not like you'll breeze through, its a got s solid 5-6 months worth of lessons if you follow the program like its meant to be. Stage 5 is actually very tough tbh. I've been playing for 10 months now, and can only do the final lead at 85% tempo).

edit: or if your just looking for theory, check out justinguitar.com and check out the scales and chords sections. he does a good job explaining everything. that sites free btw.
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When you're just starting out, instructional DVDs are very important to teach you the basics and proper technique. I'd highly recommend Fender's beginner instructional DVDs.
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