I am the proud owner of an Fender Tonemaster Reissue Halfstack. I love the amp but unfortunately the effects loop has two major problems for me;
First, its channel separated (a clean loop and a distorted loop)
and Second, its not buffered so it wouldn't do much to clean up my signal going through a lot of pedals.

Is there some way to unite the two effect loops and buffer it so the loop will clean up my tone while running a lot of pedals?

Thank You
I dont know about tue buffer but maybe you could run a splitter so you can run your pedals in both loops at the same time? Just an idea i dontbknow much about what your trying to do.
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Before I say this let it be known that I know nothing about your amp and have never gotten to try this myself so im not sure if this will work. in other words...go go gadget flame shield in case this is a stupid idea

Maybe you could run your pedals into whichever FX loop comes first in signal chain then instead of using the "return" on that loop to go back into your pedals use that "return" and connect it to the "send" of the other FX loop then finally run the "return" of the second FX loop back into your pedals. This might seem crazy, but its just an idea that occured to me.
Some other more knowledgable people should share information about what doing this could cause before you actually try it.

Disclaimer: Bright Light is not repsonible for any damage caused to your equipment or lively-hood by means of his crazy and uneducated guesses. Any equipment damaged or unwanted after attempting stupid **** can be sent to me for my keeping for an indeffinite period of time

Your other option is to place a y splitter into both the output of the last pedal in your lineup and the input of the first pedal. thats probably the safer route.

And then the craziest idea of all would be to not use your loop and just put all of your pedals in front of the amp.

Also, im not sure how much work you could do to your FX loops to make them buffered, but you could always buy a Line Driver from MXR or try the Visual Sound True Tone pedal. A lot of people vouch for the MXR Line Driver and its ability to re-energize a dilluted signal chain.
Two Y cables, as has been said. Many stomp boxes have buffered bypass built into them (Boss being the most notable one), and your signal will be buffered if you just place that somewhere near the front of the chain.
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