Hey I did this originally for the Dean Shredder Search but I couldnt play it as perfectly as I wanted so I scraped it. Tell me what you think and what the song/guitar playing reminds you of. The first guitar line was inspired by Death (ITP/with La Rocque era) as the bass, as you can probably guess. I also think I hear some Nevermore/Jeff Loomis in there. The beginning of the main solo was somehow inspired by Demonoid/Kristian Niemann. And man, the drums (being not a drummer and never tabbing drums before) was hard as hell but I think it came out ok. ignore the laughable fill before the tempo change though.
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Ah don't listen to him. I think it's pretty wild. All the time changes are intense. Kudos, man. If you wanna check out any of my original stuff for my band, feel free and let me know what you thing.
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