The creamy, sustained Santana sound. Also, you can put a tubescreamer or somethin in front of the amp and get a raunchier Gary Moore type blues, hard rock tone. Good clean jazzy tone is a given.

Here's the Santana sound I desire


Budget 1400$. 212 combo or head and cab (preferrable).
He does use Mesa Mark I's, so see if you can pick up one of those, might be tough though.
Mark I.
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a Randall RM50 combo with a blackface module and your choice of hi gain module. here is a site that will help you decide which. the blackface is pretty much the standard for cleans.

RM50: http://www.dcmusicstore.com/Randall-RM50B-Amplifier

Blackface: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Randall-Blackface-Module?sku=180286

Sound Clips: http://www.bandslink.com/randall.htm

an extremely versatile amp. i strongly recommend you consider it.
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Mesa Boogie Lonestar or i think there is a Mark I reissue.
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