Hey guys, today is my second day playing an electric guitar (tons of fun so far!)

I picked up most of the main riff of Iron man listening to it. But I can't figure out if the fast little half note part are power chords or simple hammer on/pull offs. It starts on the 6th note of the riff, after all the power chords are played.

Thanks for your help, I don't know if my explanation of the part is clear enough >_<
Not to be a jack ass but this is a tab website you know.
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Fast little half note...? Half notes are longer than what that part is. It's just sliding from G5 to Gb5 three times in a row. Look at the tab.

By the way, play it the way Tony does, all on the same 2 strings: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/b/black_sabbath/iron_man_tab.htm except the first B7 (7-9 on lowest strings) should be B7 on the 4th and 5th strings (2-4).
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TS, look at the tabs - it's all powerchords.
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It's a bit of both, pretty much: When he's singing, single frets. When he's not, power chords.

I made a video to show you how I did it, however due to my internet connection it seems youtube didn't record it correctly so I didn't publish it.