i found this in sevenstring.org posted by a member of the ibanez staff himself

im praying that they do a production/sig model out of it
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Yeah! They're bringing back the Lo-Pro!
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Old news, this guitar has been done for a long ass time
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Aww shucks...

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Should have done trans black. The wood doesn't suck, and it would give it some class.
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what the hell will you do with a 27th fret? is there any sustain at all?

Do you really need sustain when shredding?

This guitar should have just had a clear coat. Some tung oil whatever. Oli Herbert's Xiphos is sexy as ****.

To the "Isn't this old news?", no, there's been a 27 fret Xiphos, Muhammed's had a custom Xiphos, but he's never had a custom 27 fret Xophis, it's new.

Lookin' good too, good to hear they're using an origonal lo-pro edge, though I have no idea how they're avoiding law-suit with Floyd Rose with the use of original edges all the time.
its a 27 fret 7 STRING!!! i wants... those upper frets looked ridiculously tiny tho lol, it doesnt even look like your fingers could fit on one without fretting the one next to it, but Muhammed knows what he's doin
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^ Its been on SS.org and other places for months I'm afraid.

Looks nice though, should have left it un-black.

The black one is a different guitar. You can tell because it has two Hhmbuckers while the new model he's holding has two pickup cavities, one for a humbucker and another for a single coil. Also the new one he's holding has a standard headstock while the black one has a reverse headstock. I can't wait to see what the new one's going to be like! The Lo-Pro bridge is the best bridge Ibanez ever made, at least in my opinion, and I'm glad they're going to use it on this model.