I sing and play guitar. Tyler plays drums. Someone pressed the record button.

Tyler has some random beat up drumset from his high school days… mine’s also random and beat up, but I also know it’s an Ibanez RG (probably a crappy one). I’m also using a Marshall MG30 amp (do not recommend), and recorded with Audacity, which is open-source and free to download and use.

This was recorded in one take… all improvised as we never really learned the song. I just figured out the main chords by ear, and Tyler (the drummer) picked up the beat after listening it to a few seconds… so obviously there are going to be mistakes. But let me know what you think.
"damn damn damn my coke addled addict of a wife!"
Lol, could you tell me why at least... just telling me "it sucks" doesn't really give me a direction in which to improve.
"damn damn damn my coke addled addict of a wife!"
Well, I thought the singing was lifeless, kinda like there was no effort. And it was just bland, no flavour. I dont mean to sound like an asshole or anything... but when you said you hadnt actually learned the song, it showed.
I think 2 reasons people cover songs is to catch the essence of the original, and to put their own spin on it as well. And I heard neither of those.

If you guys take the time to really learn the song and practice it, I think you could end up doing a good cover, this one just seemed to fall short.
Nah, you don't sound like an asshole man, you are right, I get it now but I just needed an explanation really. I guess I got caught up more in the fun of recording, and getting a rough version together in just a few minutes since I haven't jammed with this drummer in years.

Anyways, yeah, I'm gonna go back and work on it, thanks for the criticism.
"damn damn damn my coke addled addict of a wife!"
No worries, bro. Great to see you take opinions and criticism's well.
Post the redone version, if you do another one, Id like to hear it.