It's been alot of work (Mostly getting the ideas hahaha....) but I've finally finished my progressive album. It's a general over-arching theme of emerging through a major depressive episode, something that I've had to deal with multiple times in my life. It goes from metal, through a calmer more progressive feel to rock and finally ends with a small electronic ambient passage.

I would appreciate any of you who listen to just a couple songs, or the whole album. If you're looking for singles check out Morphine, Eternity, and Skepsis.

All of the songs were composed by myself, and all instruments heard were played by me (Aside from drums, which is a drum machine).

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I was starting to think it was a bit repetitive but then i heard eternity and skepsis, which I like. The outro is pretty cool too.

maybe you could get some help from a real drummer to help you with the programming to make the drums sound better.
Yeah, I would love to replace the drums, but I don't know of any drummers currently who are good enough to even help me with some of the rock beats, let alone the metal. I could hire a studio session drummer at the local studio, but I don't have the money. Drum machine is the best of many evils at the moment.

Glad you liked it
i listened to the first 6 tracks, some of them seemed to drag on at times.. but overall it made me feel like a crazy person, in a good way. no doubt you successfully achieved the atmosphere you were going for.

i just wish it were more dynamic in places, there does tend to be a wee bit much repitition sometimes.

if you'd like to visit my myspace music and tell me what you think it would be much appreciated.
i listend to morphine. i love the rythem. it has a cool vibe. almost a dripping sensation/sound, thats good. i kept waiting for lyrics and never got them. the change up around 115 was good, and a nice change. cool song overall. any longer would have been too long. good lenth though. this is good drug music lol. niceley done.

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Thanks guys! I'll listen to your music after the coffee kicks in, or my review will be a globbering mess.

I wrote vocals for a couple songs but my singing doesn't fit them, and this isn't a screamo album. Thanks so far though, I really appreciate it.