OK well i recently bought a highway one strat and i just realized looking at it that the high E string doesn't even go over the pole piece of the neck pickup, and barely passes over the middle and bridge pickup pole pieces. Is this normal? It doesn't seem to have any effect on the tone, and the other strings are aligned just fine. The guitar is fine, but i can't figure out why this would be like this other than it was made this way.

Can anyone explain this to me?
Mine's the same, the high and low E strings don't match up to the pole pieces on the middle and neck singlecoils, though my bridge humbucker lines up fine.
On the other hand I've played a lot of American Strats with the 2-point bridge and those line up with the pole pieces normally.

It is my understanding that the Highway One series have the 6-screw bridge, the same as mine has. It may well be that the 6-screw bridges that Fender are using have tighter string spacing than the 2-screw American bridges. The nuts on the American Standards and Deluxe guitars also feel fractionally wider to me too so I suspect this is the case; the American Standard and Deluxe have the 'correct' string spacing that is aligned with the pickups as normal, while the Highway One and all the Mexican Strats have narrower string spacing so they don't line up quite correctly.

As you say though, I'm buggered if I can tell a difference. Makes me wonder why anyone makes trembuckers, this is the third or fourth guitar I've had with completely misaligned pole pieces and I've never noticed a difference in sound.
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