Never played one but from what I've heard, they're fantastic in every way imaginable. I just wish I could afford one.
great guitar, but try before you buy
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I think black doom death metal is just plain stupid. go flame on me but i can't hear nothing but shit on those songs with everything in drop A or below. also it could've been without lyrics as you'd never hear them anyway.
I've been playing for about three years, I play heavy metal (stuff like Dying Fetus, Cephalic Carnage, Red Chord, Origin) kinda' feel.
-I have a B-52 AT-100 half stack.
--I basically want the les paul look with heavyness, and seems the EC-1000 answers that.

And the Eclipse 2 is over budget for me
EC-1000 is the EC-401 with disgusting abalone inlays added. No other difference.
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