I ordered it yesterday so it'll be here in a week or so, and my guitar store sets all new guitars up for free, including putting a new nut on, so I'm going to have to tell them what strings I'll be wanting on it, you think Dean Markley Lights would be good on this? (I want lights, just don't know what brand) I play mainly rock/some metal.. I don't have much experience with different strings, as I always just stuck with what I started with - Ernie Ball Regulars, I never played with anything else except Yamaha lights on my acoustic (same thing, I always just stuck with those).

Any help would be great, thanks in advance.

EDIT: These strings I was going to go for.

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you've been playing for almost 2 years and you need to ask this question?
I've been playing for 5, and yes it's a little embarrassing, but I honestly never tried any other strings.

Why did you think I was playing for 2? Join date =/= how long I've been playing for..
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I like D'addario and Elixir. Both are fine brands.
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At the most I'd say 10's down to D#, or C# dropped.

... only that's cause that what I use.

Any bigger, would probably need a new nut for me... and the strings are too loose. That's probably a real cruchy guitar at 10.

Edit: Never mind. I responded to the title without reading the content. .
I like EB Slinky's.
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I like La Bella extra lites. everyone has a different preference in strings.


Try EB Hybrids. Sooo nice. They're kinda like Skinny Top Heavy Bottoms, but less pronounced.
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I switch around alot but I usually stick to Thomastik-Infeld, D'Addario and the occasional Cleartone or GHS. I've tried a bunch but those are my personal favorites.
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Strings are strings are strings.

Any 'standard' set will do (anything that's not the cheapo budget ones), though to me D'Addario are the most consistent and long-lasting strings going. For that guitar, I'd suggest 10s or 11s, considering a the scale length and the fact it looks designed for heavy styles.
My preference for LP type guitars would be either EB Super Slinkys or Gibson Brite Wires 9-42 or Gibson Vintage 9-46 if you prefer a bit more 'clang'.
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get some ernie ball 10-46's or 10-52's considering that looks like its built for metal. Regular slinkys work fine or hybrids or whatever you roll with.
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dunlop or dadderio 11-52 or 11-50
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