Why is it so cheap compared to dunlop fretwire? Is it of poorer quality, or is the dunlop wire just horribly marked up?

Also: How much would I need for a 24 fret, 25.5" scale fret board?
I really cant comment on the allparts, but the dunlop's probably marked up a bit just because it is brand name. However, warmoth's stuff is fine quality, I used it when my neck-thru had to be re-fretted.
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alright, thanks. I was just looking at how cheap it was and it was very surprising.
Stewmac, believe it or not, has the cheapest fretwire I've been able to find, if you don't mind buying in bulk. I couldn't believe Dunlop's prices (or Allparts' for that matter).
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Oh, yeah, that's not a bad price at all... thanks, I hadn't even bothered to look there. Just assumed it would be more considering how much they usually cost, i guess.
I like allparts fret wire as they have really big selection. Especially in stainless which I like to use. I know 2 sticks of fret wire will do a 21-22 fret with a little piece left over. But will probably be 1 fret short of doing a 24 fret.