Well I just ordered some Pearloid Gib tuners for my Epi, and I seen on it were the original tuners had one screw holding them in, so I'd have to screw new holes Is there any other things I could do to make it play or sound better, I am stilling going to put a Gib 498 pick up in it, would any other adds help?

Sorry for the multi-questions! #2, i'm eventually going to order some old school saddles for my tele (I guess you call them vintage, the 3 sadlles) (its got the original saddles on it) would going with the 6 saddle or 3 saddle be better, and would it fit on my Mexican Made Tele, because I'm not going to order it if I have to drill more holes or what not

Thanks fellas
don't buy a gibson pickup as a replacement, they are ment to be replaced.

You'll have to buy the whole bridge