So, in my mind, Brian May is one of the best guitar players when it comes to solos ever. (I really don't care in the least what you think about this statement). And I want to start writing solos with that kind of feel, if that makes any sense. That sort of grandios theatrical -ness. Just any strategies that would help, certian modes/scales that will work better, ect. I know theory pretty well, so just throw ideas out there.

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I guess a good way to start would be to learn your favorite Brian May solos, just learn heaps of licks, then analyse why they give off a certain impact by looking at the relation of Brian's notes to what else is going on in the song.
Brian is great. He has an original melodic feel and original tone. He uses a lot of major/minor scales. He also likes to boost his mids.
He uses a British coin as a pick. That probably triples the amount you'll be spending on strings... I know what you mean by the grandtheatricalness.
Learn to use the major scale, learn how to harmonise. Brian May's stuff isn't unconventional, it's all pretty much straight up minor and major. You don't need to learn modes or any new scales, just get better at using the basics. And like Night lights said, if you "know theory pretty well" then you should be using that knowledge to analyse his music and discover the answers for yourself.

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