I hate my friends. I have been looking forward to going to Mayhem Fest this year to see The Black Dahlia, Cannibal Corpse, Slayer, and Killswitch Engage (Yes I like Killswitch!). But none of my friends want to spend the money for good seats and instead just want to get lawn seats. Also, both friends I would be going with are only looking forward to the Black Dahlia and All That Remains. Every band after that, they will complain non stop and want to leave early. So I am thinking of just saying **** it and going to the Summer Slaughter tour. The upside for that is I will be seeing way more bands that I really want to see. The downside, I will be going alone considering none of my friends like any of the bands that are playing. The curse of being the only guy in my group who likes death metal (and deathcore).

What should I do? Summer Slaughter seems like it could either be really fun or completely ****ty since I am alone and the venue I would be going to is an hour away, which I am not looking forward to.
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Stay at the concert if you want to hear the rest of the bands. And you will not be alone since there are thousands of fans who share the same interest in music as you.
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Lawn tickets are always the best.

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