hi i just bought a grg270 now when i saw the guitar in he magazine
it had an edge 3 but when I went to an ibanez store all they had was
an grg270 with the original floyd rose system so i was forced to buy
that. so the question is would you rather have the edge 3 or original
Original Floyd Rose, that's not even a competition. The Edge 3 is utter garbage and wears out within three months at most, plus it's got a smaller sustain block and made cheaper and sloppier. On the other hand the OFR is a solid steel classic cast in Germany that if set up right and treated properly will last you years.
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you may not know now but that may be one of the wisest guitar related purchases you've made thus far
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Original floyd. I know from experience. My edge3 got so bad. It's unplayable now, or until it get's fixed.

One of my saddles popped out. Tuning stability is unheard of. The guitar itself is godly (RG350DX) But the tremolo system is like mixing caviar with a TV dinner.

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