I'm not a country guy, so I'm not really a good critic sorry man.

But I like the production and the doubling of vocals in a couple places, smart move.

Thanks for the crit.
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points for vocals. i cant right anything or sing well enough to put it down on a mix.

not a country fan and being from melbourne i cant really relate to the lyrics but as far as singing, it wasn't over the top and your harmonies worked. nice

acoustic rhythm was solid too!
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It has potential

Thought about maybe adding a bassline and some basic drums to it, after the first chorus, to give it a little more dynamics. You could also change you rythm a little bit to more open strums (if you know what i mean... my English sucks hehe) and let everything "breathe" a bit more.
well I thought it was pretty good. Sounded simple albeit nice.

although I couldnt help but loling sometimes in there because it seemed like you tried to make it sound really stereotypical mentioning the dog and truck and job and everything lol. seemed to me like it could easily be turned parody if that kind of an attitude was taken to it.

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First of all, your vocals are damn good. I am not the biggest country fan, but it gets played all day where I work, and it sounds like something I would hear! It is not too complicated, (which IMO is part of what country is about) and the harmnoies are spot on.
Try some different chord voicings and such to give your guitar a little more room.
The vocals almost reminded me of Raine Maida at some points. Not bad at all, I like them.
I also really like the simplicity of it, reminds me of an upbeat iron and wine... almost.
The vocal layering was also well done.

Good job man
Hey, sorry I'm late to C4C this, I've been on vacation!

Great vocals! They definitely sound country. The doubled vocals are a nice touch also. I like the part that starts around 1:05. I guess that's the chorus? Anyway, it's pretty catchy. I was kind of hoping that it would bust out with drums and such, but I understand if you're going for an acoustic style.

Overall, great song. The lyrics/vocals/guitar work all give it a genuine country feel. Keep it up!