Curious, because I have a Tom Delonge signature Fender strat, and have recently been thinking about taking advantage of the Blink 182 reunion to sell it and make some money to put towards a new guitar. But then I got to thinking.. what if it appreciates in value the longer Blink is back or if Delonge switches back to strats and they put out a re-issue, or if he dies or something, anything really that might cause the value of an original Fender Tom Delonge Deluxe series strat to skyrocket in value. I dont know what I would do to myself if i sold it for say.. $400 and one of those events occurs and the value jumps to even just double what I sold it for...

bottom line

If I sell this guitar now, is there a good chance I'll be kicking myself for it a few years down the road?
Guitars, like most things gain value for the rarity of it. If there's not too many of them around in 15 years it'll make you a decent sum of money. But, those Delonge Strats particularly were seriously mass produced so I would say they probably won't be worth that much in 15 years..
Like look at the Jagstangs there not too much... Atleast the last time I was surfing around for them.
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yeah, it just seems like everyones holding on to them though. I mean if they were everywhere then you would be able to find a ton on ebay and craigslist and what not

but i guess theres the possibility of people who bought the guitar as a souvenir rather than a musical instrument. all the die hard blink fans waiting in line at the reunion tour,strat in hand, dying for a autograph.
They aren't being sold because nobody wants to buy them. They aren't too good and aren't worth that much. Plus, I would heavily doubt that people will be listening to Blink-182 in twenty years. They may be remembered as a famous punk band, but I doubt their music is quality enough to last the test of time. So I'd say the value wouldn't rise at all. Sell it now. Plus, the fact that there aren't any on CL or eBay now means you can get a higher price on yours because there is less of a used supply.
It all depends on demand, and demand is judged by some unknown power that makes people want a certain instrument. You can't really tell for sure if a guitar will gain value over time because of its significance or design, you just have to see what happens.
Sadly TS ive been in a shop before who still has one on the wall and its been a long time, they might as well charge it rent!! But if you like it keep it. Dont keep it out of want of cash in the future.
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An item is worth what people think it is. That's the long and short of value. It doesn't matter how much it cost to produce if no one wants it. Your guitar might be one of a kind, nothing like it in the whole world, but it won't matter if no one values it.

If Blink-182 is still popular years from now AND there aren't enough Delonge Strats to satisfy demand, you could be looking at a lot of money. If Blink-182 is less well remembered and there are still lots of Delonge's signatures around, it might not even keep up with inflation.
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No way. I mean, do you honestly believe the Slipknot signature Ibanezes will be worth anything in 15 years' time?
And no-one gives a damn about Tom Delonge NOW, let alone in the future!

Signatures only gain value if the artist in question is reasonably popular/important. Tom Delonge is basically a short-lived popstar, no-one will give a damn in a few years.
In a word, no.

In several words, it's entirely dependent on the quality of the guitar, the uniqueness of the guitar and the popularity of the artist.
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The only signiture guitars I'm aware of that have become more valuable over time are those that are either very rare or were in some kind of limited run, and even then condition is crucial. Joe Satriani's JS10s (or a JS2, now that's worth a fortune, only 4 in existence), Steve Vai's JEM777LNGs, Eric Johnson's signiture Martin...
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I have a Buck Dharma signature guitar and there's not very many of 'em because they're handmade by a local luthier. I have a feeling that my $900 guitar means nothing even though Buck's an excellent guitarist that probably will leave his mark in music.

Anyway I bought the guitar because Buck's my hero and the guitar's well made.
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I see where everyone is coming from, I really like the guitar and dont have a problem keeping it. It wont ever be like.. man I shouldve sold that guitar a long time ago. The invader sounds good, the simplicity is humbling and you cant beat the seafoam green finish.

but its just kind of got me wondering..

for example: michael jackson had been off the radar for quite a long time untill what 3 days ago.. and now his albums and memorabilia are the number 1 searched and sold items on amazon and ebay..

I think that its possible for an event to take place such as a death that could work in the same way for the guitar.. creating a decent demand for it, regardless of its rarity. I know that blink isnt even close to being in the same ball park as MJ in terms of popularity but youd think the same concept could come into play..

im not saying it will or wont. and im not really expecting it to.. just saying its possible.

MOSTLY this thread was just to ask if signatures grow in value over time especially with re issues or even if the artist switches companies. which for the most part was answered. Thanks!
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I think that its possible for an event to take place such as a death that could work in the same way for the guitar.. creating a decent demand for it, regardless of its rarity. I know that blink isnt even close to being in the same ball park as MJ in terms of popularity but youd think the same concept could come into play..

It's simple, just kill the Tom DeLonge to make you're guitar go up in value quicker.